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Allison Lindberg

Manny Pinto

Manny comes to the Squad eager to help influence the future trajectory of an organization focused on a very important issue and looks forward to networking and sharing his creativity and drive.

Abbie Nuthals

Motivated by mission-based work, Abbie comes to the Squad with 12 years of non-profit experience and believes in removing the stigma around mental health. I am passionate about our mission because I want my kids to grow up in a world that is free of stigma. And in a world where mental health resources are …

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Gabe Afolayan

Gabe comes to the Squad with the goal of developing a standard of openness, empathy, and active support for the next generation of youth who face otherwise debilitating circumstances. He identifies as naturally curious and comes from a Nigerian background and cultural heritage where mental health is generally overlooked. I want to lean into mental …

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Art Boylan

For some time, Art has been anxious to find a meaningful opportunity to give back to the community. As an attorney, he provides legal and governance insight to the Squad as Secretary. It is a terrific organization and serves an important purpose.

Mark Wick

For the last 3 years Mark has been speaking to students about the importance of talking about mental health and sharing his own experience. Through these talks he has come to realize the many challenges that young people are going through and the need to let them know they are not alone and that there …

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