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Podcast Rec: Paul on “Can you Keep a Secret?”

In Episode 8 of the “Can You Keep a Secret?” podcast, Shine A Ligh7’s very own Paul Martin stops by the pod and opens up about the mental health challenges that led him to creating Shine A Light7, discusses his current role as assistant coach for the U of M men’s hockey team, and even breaks down some classic rock with hosts John King and Tom Garrity. If you’re struggling with mental health personally, visit our resources page.

The “Can You Keep a Secret?” podcast is hosted by Twin Cities advertising and sports marketing vets John King and Tom Garrity. The premise is simple, as its name would suggest—”Can You Keep A Secret?” is private conversations with public figures.
What does that mean? It means you’re going to learn things you didn’t know about sports and entertainment figures you do know. And it means you’re going to hear conversations unlike anything you’ve heard before.